Electronic Catalogue - Volume 35

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
8 March 1858 Coyne, Joseph Stirling The Love-Knot A Comdey in 3 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
24 Feb. 1843 Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing A Comedy in 5 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
8 March 1858 Morton, John Maddison Ticklish Times A Farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
1854 Paul, Howard A Lucky Hat A Petite Comedy, in 1 Act Sadler's Wells
28 Feb. 1839 Planché, J.R. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady A Comedy in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
3 March 1858 Harrington, N.H. and Edmund Yates Double Dummy A Farce in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
2 JUly 1821 Moncrieff, William Thomas The Spectre Bridegroom; or, The Ghost In Spite of Himself A Farce in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
10 March 1858 Hollingshead, John The Birthplace of Podgers An Original Domestic Sketch in 1 Act Theatre Royal Lyceum
January 1833 Almar, George Crossing the Line, or Crowded Houses A Farce in 2 Acts [n.p.]
23 Nov. 1857 Fitzball, Edward The Children Of The Castle A Drama in 3 Acts Royal Marylebone Theatre
5 April 1858 Coyne, Joseph Stirling Nothing Venture, Nothing Win A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Strand Theatre
5 April 1858 [10 Sept. 1860] Byron, Henry J. Fra Diavolo, or The Beauty And The Brigands A Burlesque Burletta Strand Theatre [Strand Theatre]
March 1845 Stirling, Edward Margaret Catchpole, The Heroine of Suffolk, or The Vicissitudes of Real Life A Drama in 3 Acts (Adapted from the celebrated work of the same title.) Royal Surrey Theatre
1840 Wilks, Thomas Egerton My Wife's Dentist An Original Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Haymarket
16 Feb. 1835 Jerrold, Douglas The Schoolfellows A Comedy in 2 Acts Queen's Theatre

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