Electronic Catalogue - Volume 36

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
20 May 1858 Dance, Charles Marriage a Lottery A Comedy in 2 Acts Royal Strand Theatre
April 1858 Harrington, N.H. and Edmund Yates Your Likeness--One Shilling! A Comic Sketch in 1 Act Strand Theatre
5 April 1858 Talfourd, Francis Pluto and Proserpine; or, The Belle and The Pomegranate An Entirely New and Original Anthological Extravaganza or Sicilian Romance of the 0th Century, In 1 Volume Theatre Royal, Haymarket
April 1858 Coyne, Joseph Stirling Samuel in Search of Himself A Farce in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
[n.d.] Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night; or, What You Will A Comedy in 5 Acts [n.p.]
20 April 1858 Oxenford, John A Doubtful Victory A Comedietta in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
5 April 1858 Dance, Charles The Stock Exchange, or The Green Business A Comedy Drama in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
[n.d.] Byron, Henry J. The Bride of Abydos; or, The Prince, The Pirate, and The Pearl An Oriental Burlesque Extravaganza [n.p.]
March 1849 Johnstone, J.B. The Gipsy Farmer; or, Jack and Jack's Brother A Drama in 2 Acts Surrey Theatre
[n.d.] Milner, H.M. The Veteran of 102 Years, or Five Generations A Drama in 1 Act. Adapted from the French Royal Cobury Theatre
28 June 1858 Morton, John Maddison Dying For Love A Comedy in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
6 March 1858 Fitzball, Edward and W.H. Montgomery Pierette, or The Village Rivals A Comic Operetta in 1 Act [n.p.] (first performed by the Pyne and Harrison Company)
12 July 1822 [28 Oct. 1822] Glengall, Lord The Irish Tutor; or, New Lights A Farce in 1 Act Cheltenham Theatre [Theatre Royal, Covent Garden]
12 April 1814 Arnold, W.H. The Woodman's Hut, or The Burning Forest A Melo-Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
28 Nov. 1849 [10 April 1850] Phipps, Edmund King René's Daughter A Lyric Drama. From the Danish of Henrik Herz Rendered Into English Verse Theatre Royal Dublin [St. James's Theatre]

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