Electronic Catalogue - Volume 42

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
26 Aug. 1858 Falconer, Edmund Extremes; Or, Men of the Day A Comedy in 3 Acts Lyceum Theatre
18 Feb. 1792 Holcroft, Thomas The Road to Ruin A Comedy Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
May 1859 Taylor, Tom The House Or The Home? A Comedy in 2 Acts Royal Adelphi Theatre
2 Feb. 1842 Blanchard, E.L. The Artful Dodge A Farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
1 Aug. 1859 Hazlewood, Colin H. The Chevalier of the Maison Rouge; or the Days of Terror! A Romantic Drama in 3 Acts [n.p.]
5 March 1803 Colman, George John Bull; Or, The Englishman's Fireside A Comedy in 3 Acts Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
24 Sept. 1859 Planché, J.R. Love and Fortune A Dramatic Tableau (in Watteau Colours) Royal Princess's Theatre
20 Sept. 1859 Bridgeman, I.V. The Rifle and How To Use It An Original Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Haymarket
26 Sept. 1859 Morton, John Maddison Love and Hunger A Farce in 1 Act New Adelphi Theatre
1 Dec. 1847 Selby, Charles Peggy Green A Comic Drama in 1 Act Theatre Royal
11 Sept. 1858 Falconer, Edmund Too Much For Good Nature! A Farce in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
1 Oct. 1859 Buckingham, Leicester Virginus; Or, The Trials of Fond Papa A Burlesque in 1 Act Royal St. James's Theatre
[n.d.] Suter, W.E. The Adventures of Dick Turpin and Tom King A Serio-Comic Drama in 2 Acts Sadler's Wells Theatre
24 Oct. 1859 Oxenford, John The Magic Toys A Ballet Farce in 1 Act St. James's Theatre
30 Sept. 1848 Wilks, Thomas Egerton Halvei The Unknown An Original Drama in 3 Acts City of London Theatre

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