Electronic Catalogue - Volume 44

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
1 April 1839 Haines, John Thomas Alice Grey: The Suspected One, or The Moral Brand A Domestic Drama in 3 Acts Royal Surrey Theatre
26 Dec. 1859 Talfourd, Francis King Thrushbeard! Or, The Little Pest and the Great Passion Preceding the Grand Christmas Comic Pantomime of Harlequin Hafiz, and Being An Entirely New And Original Fairy and Domestic Extravaganza Royal Lyceum Theatre
24 Dec. 1859 Talfourd, Francis A Household Fairy A Domestic Sketch in 1 Act St. James Theatre
7 Jan. 1846 [Anon.] The Cricket on the Hearth A Fairy Tale of Home in 3 Chirps. Adapted from Mr Charles Dickens's Popular Story City of London Theatre
14 Nov. 1859 Emden, W.S. The Head of the Family A Comedietta in 1 Act. From "Le Moulin A Paroles" Royal Olympic Theatre
23 Jan. 1843 Haines, John Thomas Ruth; or, The Lass that Loves a Sailor A Nautical and Domestic Drama in 3 Acts Royal Victoria Theatre
11 April 1859 Jerrold, Blanchard Beau Brummell, The King of Calais A Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
13 June 1836 Bernard, Bayle The Farmer's Story A Domestic Drama in 3 Acts Lyceum Theatre
1 Sept. 1859 Mayhew, Augustus and Sutherland Edwards The Goose with the Golden Eggs A Farce in 1 Act Strand Theatre
11 Feb. 1860 Burnand, Francis C. Dido A Tragical, Classical and Original Burlesque in 1 Act Royal St. James's Theatre
25 Feb. 1860 Suter, W.E. Holly Bush Hall, or The Track in the Snow A Drama in 2 Acts. Dramatised from the Story of the same Name Published in Reynold's Miscellany Queen's Theatre
9 Feb. 1860 Wooler, I.P. Sisterly Service An Original Comedietta in 1 Act Strand Theatre
15 Feb. 1860 Holl, H. The Forest Keeper A Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
22 June 1853 Morton, John Maddison My Wife's Second Floor An Original Farce in 1 Act Princess's Theatre
26 Dec, 1836 Planché, J.R. and Charles Dance The Paphian Bower, or Venus and Adonis A Classical, Musical, Mythological, Astronomical, and Tragi-Comical Burlesque Burletta Royal Olympic Theatre

Volume 45