Electronic Catalogue - Volume 46

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
2 Sept. 1840 Haines, John Thomas The Wizard of the Wave, or The Ship of the Avenger A Legendary Nautical Drama in 3 Acts Victoria Theatre
13 Feb. 1837 Rede, William Leman Douglas Travestie A Burlesque in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
2 Dec. 1820 Walker, C.E. The Warlock of the Glen A Melodrama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
9 April 1860 Falconer, Edmund Next of Kin An Original Comic Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal Lyceum
23 April 1860 Williams, Thomas J. A Race for a Widow A Farce in 1 Act Royal Strand Theatre
12 June 1843 Archer, Thomas Asmodeus, The Little Demon, or The ----'s Share A Comic Drama in 2 Acts. Adapted from the French of Eugene Scribes's 'Part Du Diable' Royal Surrey Theatre
23 April 1860 French, Sidney and Sorrell, William J. A Friend in Need An Original Comedy in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, St. James's
6 March 1860 Williams, Thomas J. Cruel to be Kind A Farce in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
1 Feb. 1815 Dimond, William Brother and Sister A Comic Operatic Drama in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
1860 Mayhew, Augustus and Sutherland Edwards Christmas Boxes A Farce in 1 Act Strand Theatre
3 Feb. 1851 Phillips, L. Marianne, The Vivandiere; or, The Mystery of Twenty Years A Serious Drama in 3 Acts and a Prologue Great National Standard Theatre
1823 Haines, John Thomas The Idiot Witness, or A Tale of Blood A Melodrama in 2 Acts Royal Coburg Theatre
26 May 1860 Morton, John Maddison Fitzsmythe of Fitzsmythe Hall A Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Haymarket
14 May 1860 Gordon, Walter Dearest Mamma! A Comedietta in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
[n.d.] [1860?] Byron, Henry James Mazeppa! A Burlesque Extravaganza in 1 Act [n.p.] (produced under the direction of Mr W.S. Emden)

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