Electronic Catalogue - Volume 49

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
28 Oct. 1852 Marston, Westland Anne Blake A Play in 5 Acts Royal Princess's Theatre
12 Nov. 1860 Gordon, Walter Home for a Holiday A Comedietta in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
27 Oct. 1860 [Anon.] Ruy Blas A Romantic Drama in 4 Acts. From the French of Victor Hugo Royal Princess's Theatre
15 Oct. 1860 Suter, W.E. John Wopps, or From Information I Received A Farce in 1 Act Royal Surrey Theatre
28 Nov. 1859 Selby, Charles Paris and Pleasure, or Home and Happiness A Drame Fantastique in 4 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
6. Dec. 1860 Williams, Thomas J. An Ugly Costumer A Farce in 1 Act Royal New Adelphi Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 Byron, Henry James Robinson Crusoe; or, Harlequin Friday and The King of the Caribbee Islands! A Grotesque Pantomime Opening Royal Princess's Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 Byron, Henry James Cinderella; or The Lover, the Lackey, and the Little Glass Slipper A Fairy Burlesque Extravaganza Royal Strand Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 Byron, Henry James Blue Beard! From a New Point of Hue A Burlesque Extravaganza Royal New Adelphi Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 [Anon.] Dolly A Comic Opera in 1 Act. Music by Adoplphe Adam. This Version of the Libretto has been Especially Adapted for Performance on the English Stage Theatre Royal, Cork
31 Oct. 1853 Courtney, John Old Joe and Young Joe A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Surrey Theatre
26. Dec. 1860 Brough, William Endymion; or, The Naughty Boy Who Cried for the Moon A Classical Mythological Extravaganza Royal St. James's Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 Oxenford, John and Shirley Brooks Timour the Tartar! Or, The Iron Master of Samarkand-by-Oxus An Extravaganza Royal Olympic Theatre
26 Dec. 1860 Falconer, Edmund Chrystabelle; or, The Rose Without a Thorn An Extravaganza Royal Lyceum Theatre
18 Oct. 1854 Selby, Charles The Spanish Dancers; or Fans and Fandangoes A Terpsichorean Semi-Burleque Burletta in 1 Act Royal St. James's Theatre

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