Electronic Catalogue - Volume 53

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
25 Nov. 1861 Byron, Henry James Miss Eily O'Connor A New and Original Burlesque. Founded on the Great Sensation Drama of The Colleen Bawn Theatre Royal,Drury Lane
28 Oct. 1861 Coyne, J. Stirling A Terrible Secret A Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
5 Nov. 1861 Heron, Matilda Medea A Tragedy in 3 Acts. Translated from the French of Ernest Legouvé Theatre Royal Drury Lane
28 Oct. 1861 Oxenford, John A Legal Impediment A Farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
25 Nov. 1861 Simpson, J. Palgrave Court Cards A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
1833 Bernard, Bayle The Mummy A Farce in 1 Act Lyceum Theatre
14 Nov. 1861 Selby, Charles The Poor Nobleman A Serio-Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal St. James's Theatre
12 Sept. 1832 Wilks, Thomas Egerton State Secrets; or, The Tailor of Tamworth A Farce in 1 Act Surrey Theatre
16 Dec. 1861 Burnand, Francis C. Deerfoot Sporting Intelligence Extraordinary! A Match is arranged to come off at the Royal Olympic Theatre, On Tuesday, December 17th, 1861, Between the Unknown and the Seneca Indian, Deerfoot. A Farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
26 Dec. 1861 Burnand, Francis C. and John Palgrave Simpson King of the Merrows; or, The Prince and the Piper A Fairy Extravaganza Royal Olympic Theatre
26. Dec. 1861 Buckingham, Leicester Little Red Riding Hood and the Fairies of the Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle An Original Burlesque Extravaganza in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
26 Dec. 1861 Brough, William Perseus and Andromeda; or, The Maid and the Monster A Classical Extravaganza Royal St. James's Theatre
13 Jan. 1862 Cheltnam, Charles Smith Slowtop's Engagements A Farce in 1 Act. From the French Royal Olympic Theatre
13 Jan. 1862 Hancock, W. John Smith A Farce in 1 Act Royal Strand Theatre
10 March 1858 Selby, Charles An Hour at Seville An Original Protean Interlude Royal Adelphi

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