Electronic Catalogue - Volume 72

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
22 Sept. 1866 Shakespeare, William The Comedy of Errors [12 scenes] Theatre Royal Drury Lane
[n.d.] Wooler, J.P. The Haunted Mill An Operetta in 1 Act. The Music by Mallandaine [n.p.]
9 Feb. 1841 Jerrold, Douglas The White Milliner A Comedy in 2 Acts Theatre Royal Covent Garden
1827 [1831] Milner, H.M. The Hut of the Red Mountain; or, Thirty Years of a Gambler's Life A Drama in 3 Acts. With An Illustration and Remarks by D--G. Coburg Theatre (Performance Free)
16 Nov. 1822 Payne, Howard John The Two Galley Slaves A Melo-Drama in 2 Acts. Adapted from the French/TD> Theatre Royal Covent Garden
17 Sept. 1866 Leslie, Henry The Sin and the Sorrow An entirely Original Drama in a Prologue and 3 Acts Grecian Theatre
3 March 1827 [Oct. 1859] Scribe, Eugene The Woman that was a Cat A Metamorphosical Sketch in 1 Act. Adapted from La Chatte Métamorphosée en Femme Theatre du Gymnase Dramatique [Princess's Theatre as "Puss"]
22 Feb, 1780 [22 March 1790; 8 Jan. 1808; 12 Sept. 1817; 20 Jan. 1818; 6 Oct. 1866] Cowley, Hannah The Belle's Stratagem A Comedy in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Covent Garden [Drury Lane; Covent Garden; Covent Garden; Drury Lane; St James's]
*6 Oct. 1866 Williams, Thomas J. Larkins' Love Letter A Farce Royal Holborn Theatre
8 Sept. 1866 Lacy, Rophino Doing My Uncle An Original Farce in 1 Act New Royal Surrey Theatre
16 Dec. 1865 Byron, Henry James Little Don Giovanni A Burlesque [in 5 scenes] Prince of Wales's Theatre
25 Sept. 1865 Byron, Henry J. Lucia Di Lammermoor; or, The Laird, the Lady, and the Lover A New and Original Operatic Burlesque Extravaganza. Founded on Donizetti's Popular Opera, and Consequently Very Unlike the Romance Prince of Wales's Theatre
20 June 1763 [30 Nov. 1763; 25 June 1817; 23 April 1828] Foote, Samuel The Mayor of Garratt A Farce with a History of the Mock Election Formerly Held There. Illustrated with Reigns by R. Seymour; Engraved by Nesbit, Slader, Welch, and Johnson. With Remarks by D---G. Haymarket Theatre [Drury Lane; Covent Garden; Covent Garden]
**[n.d.] Anon. Taming a Tiger A Farce in 1 Act.Adapted from the French [n.p.]
4 Feb. 1853 [n.d.; 26 Nov. 1860] Lacy, Thomas Hailes Jeannette's Wedding Day A Musical Farce in 1 Act. From "Les Noces de Jeannette" by Messrs M. Carre and Jules Barbier. Music by Masse Theatre d'Imperial de l'Opera Comique [At the Princess's Theatre London, as Jeannette's Wedding"; at the Royal Italian Opera as "The Marriage of Georgette"]
*The First Piece Performed at the New Theatre ** "For Private Representation"

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