Electronic Catalogue - Volume 82

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
7 Jan. 1848 Lovell, George W. The Wife's Secret An Original Play in 5 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
Sept. 1868 Hay, Frederick Beautiful for Ever A Farce in 1 Act Prince of Wales's Theatre Liverpool
21 Sept. 1868 Morton, John Maddison Atchi! A Comedietta in 1 Act Prince of Wales's Theatre London
4 Nov. 1868 Reece, R. The Stranger: Stranger than Ever A Piece of Extravaganza New Queen's Theatre Royal
4 March 1865 Taylor, Tom Settling Day A Story of the Time in 5 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
[n.d.] Buckstone, John Baldwin Presumptive Evidence; or, Murder Will Out A Domestic Drama in 2 Acts Adelphi Theatre
1820 Carey, Robert Chrononhotonthologos The Most Original Tragedy that Ever was Tragedized by any Company of Tragedians in 1 Act Theatre Royal Drury Lane
*1826 [1831] Anon. Old and Young; or, The Four Mowbrays A Farce in 1 Act Drury Lane [Covent Garden]
1833 Holl, Henry Grace Huntley A Domestic Drama in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Adelphi
*[n.d.] Gott, Henry The Wizard of the Moor A Melo-Drama in 3 Acts Royal West London Theatre
10 Nov. 1859 Phillips, Watts The Dead Heart An Historical and Original Drama in 3 Acts with a Prologue New Adelphi Theatre
23 Jan. 1869 Reece, R. Brown and the Brahmins; or, Captain Pop and the Princess Pretty-Eyes! An Original Burlesque. Founded on the Drama of the "Illustrious Stranger" Royal Globe Theatre
[n.d.] Brougham, John The Irish Emigrant A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Burton's Theatre New York
*[n.d.] [14 June 1850] Murray, William Philippe; or, The Secret Marriage. A Story of The Revolution A Domestic Drama in 1 Act. Adapted from the French Theatre Royal Edinburgh [Glasgow]
10 March 1827 [1831] Peake, Richard Brinsley Comfortable Lodgins A Farce Drury Lane [English Opera Company]
*These three plays include the note "Performance Free!"

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