Electronic Catalogue - Volume 83

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
2 March 1868 Smith, S. Theyre A Happy Pair An Original Comedietta in 1 Act Royal St James' Theatre
16 Nov. 1818 Moncrieff, William Thomas Rochester; or, King Charles the Second's Merry Days A Comedy in 2 Acts Olympic Theatre Newcastle Street
11 May 1825 Knowles, James Sheridan William Tell A Historical Play in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Drury Lane
18 Feb. 1861 [13 March 1868] Conrad, Robert T. Jack Cade, The Captain of the Commons A Tragedy in 4 Acts with an Historical Introduction Niblo's Garden, New York [Queen's Theatre Dublin]
6 Oct. 1868 Forrest, Harry Marie Antoinette: Queen of France An Historical Drama in 5 Acts, with A Prologue. From the Italian Tragedy written for Madame Ristori by Signor Giacometti Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
27 Feb. 1860 Phillips, Watts Paper Wings An Original Comedy in 3 Acts New Royal Adelphi
9 Jan. 1869 Lemon, Harry Gertrude's Money Box An Original Serio-Comic Piece in 1 Act Sadler's Wells
20 Oct. 1866 Bernard, Bayle Faust; or, The Fate of Margaret A Romantic Play in 4 Acts. Adapted from the Poem of Goethe. With an Introduction Theatre Royal Drury Lane
15 Feb. 1869 Anon. A Cup of Tea A Comedietta in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
6 June 1836 Oxberry, W.H. Matteo Falcone; or, The Brigand and Son A Melo-Drama in 1 Act. Altered from the French English Opera House
8 March 1869 Morton, John Maddison A Day's Fishing A Farce in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
[n.d] Hoskins, Francis Radcliffe Blossom of Churlington Green; or, Love, Rivalry and Revenge A New and Entirely Original Petit Burlesque Drama in 1 act [n.p.]
4 March 1865 Leslie, Henry The Mariner's Compass An Original Drama in a Prologue and 3 Acts Astley's Theatre
26 Dec. 1868 A'Beckett, Gilbert Glitter An Original Comedy in 2 Acts St. James's Theatre
17 Feb. 1869 Phillips, Watts Golden Fetter An Original Drama in 3 Acts Royal Holborn Theatre

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