Electronic Catalogue - Volume 93

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
7 Aug. 1871 Hazlewood, Colin H. The Lost Wife; or, A Husband's Confession A Domestic Drama in 3 Acts Britannia Theatre
22 July 1871 Byron, Henry James Giselle; or, The Sirens of the Lotus Lake A Fanciful, Comical, Musical Legend Royal Olympic Theatre
16 April 1870 Byron, Henry James Robert Macaire; or, The Roadside Inn Turned Inside Out An Original Burlesque Extravaganza Royal Globe Theatre
23 Sept. 1871 Becher, Martin No. 6; Duke Street A Farce Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
3 May 1829 [Anon.] Masaniello; or, The Dumb Girl of Portici A Grand Opera in 3 Acts. Translated by James Kenney. Music by Auber Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
*[n.d.] Robertson, T.W. The Star of the North A Drama in 3 Acts. Adapted from the French [n.p.]
13 May 1871 Byron, Henry James The Orange Tree and the Humble Bee; or, The Little Princess Who was Lost at Sea A New Extravaganza Vaudeville Theatre
**[n.d.] Anon. After the Party A Comedy in 1 Act [n.p.]
29 Oct. 1829 Somerset, Charles A. Shakespeare's Early Days A Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
***[n.d.] Robertson, T.W. Birds of Prey; or, A Duel in the Dark A Drama in 3 Acts [n.p.]
1836 Morton, John Maddison My Husband's Ghost A Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Haymarket
11 Oct. 1871 Cheltnam, Charles Smith The Matchmaker A Farcical Comedy in 2 Acts Gaiety Theatre
14 Sept. 1863 Waldron, W.R. Lizzie Leigh; or, The Murder Near the Old Mill A Story of 3 Christmas Nights. A Domestic Drama in 3 Acts [n.p.]
8 Dec. 1831 Jerrold, Douglas The Bridge Of Ludgate A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
28 March 1842 Selby, Charles The New Footman A Burletta in 1 Act New Strand Theatre

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