University of Worcester

Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Annual Conference in Victorian Literature and Culture

Saturday 27th January 2007

Organisers: Kate Mattacks (Worcester) and Richard Pearson (Worcester) 

Victorian Dramas – programme

8.45-9.30        Registration


9.30-10.20            Keynote 1 – Prof. Jacky Bratton: ‘Finesse: A Play in the Making’

(Royal Holloway)


10.20-11.30    Parallel Seminars

Staging other worlds

Amanda Mordavsy Caleb: ‘ “He’s as bad as they make them”: The Enduring Image of the Evil Svengali’ (Sheffield)


Laurie Garrison: ‘ “Heart Rappings” and “Table Movings”: Spiritualism and Desire on the 1853 London Stage’ (BL/Royal Holloway)


Gabrielle Malcolm: ‘Mary Braddon’s  Revenge of the Dead and  Sons of Fire

(Edge Hill)



Theatre & Fiction I

Valerie Pedlar: ‘Opening up the Secret Theatre of Home: The Woman in White on the Victorian Stage’  (Independent Scholar)


Rhian Williams: ‘From House to Home: Syllepsis and Space in Tom Taylor’s “well-made play” and Dickens’ Dombey and Son’ (Worcester)


Richard Pearson: ‘Dickens, Doubles, Adaptations: A Tale of Two Literatures’ (Worcester)


11.30-11.50  Tea/Coffee


11.50-1.00     Parallel Seminars

Staging the ‘Real’

Andrew Mangham: ‘Science, Melodrama and Victorian Toxicology’ (Reading)


Bridget Walsh: ‘ “The Theatre of his deep dyed guilt”: The Murder of Maria Marten on the Victorian Stage’ (Birkbeck)


Kate Mattacks: ‘ “Natural Pantomime”: Dramatising Speech Disability on the Victorian Stage’ (Worcester)




Theatre & Fiction II


Daniela Daniele: ‘The Role of Popular Sensation Plays in Louisa May Alcott’s Thrillers’ (Udine)   


Tatiana Kontou: ‘ “But to be an Actress!” : Acting as a Form of Self-Invention in Florence Maryatt’s My Sister the Actress, Facing the Footlights and Peeress and Player’. (Sussex)


Liz Farr: ‘The 19thC Toy Theatre: Boyhood and Aesthetic Play’ (Plymouth)


1.00-1.40    Lunch


1.40-2.30          Keynote 2 – Prof. David Mayer: ‘Where Elephants (and Old Plays) go to 

                                         Die’. (Manchester)


2.30 – 3.40   Parallel Seminars

Aspects of Melodrama

Liz Corsun: ‘Double-Billed: The Play of Melodrama and Farce on the Early-Victorian Stage’ (Iowa)


Kerry Powell: ‘Melodrama, Performativity, and The Importance of Being Ernest’ (Miami)


Heather Tilley: ‘Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone: Novel and Performance and Their

Relation to the Melodramatic Mode’ (Birkbeck)          


Victorian Dramatists

Janice Norwood: ‘Colin Hazlewood; or Back in the Limelight’ (Leicester)


David Lawrence: ‘The Dramatist as Director of his Own Plays (Birkbeck)


Susan Croft: ‘Transatlantic Transactions’ (UEA)


3.40-4.00       Tea & Coffee


4.00-4.50              Keynote 3 – Prof. Kate Newey: ‘The Popular Stage, Comedy, and

                               Metatheatricality’. (Birmingham)


5.00               Close