Project Team

The Victorian Plays Project is Directed by Professor Richard Pearson, National University of Ireland, Galway

The Project was funded by an AHRC grant to Professor Pearson at the University of Worcester

The research and production team (2005-08), consisted of:

  •  Professor Richard Pearson (Director)
  •  Dr. Kate Mattacks (Researcher), University of the West of England

PDF proof-reading team:

  •  Dr. Phillippa Bennett, University of Northampton
  •  Dr. Kirsty Bunting, Manchester Metropolitan University
  •  Ms. Louise Lunnon, Worcester
  •  Mr. Ian Pithouse, University of Worcester
  •  Dr. Rhian Williams, University of Glasgow

Initial postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Heike Bauer, Birkbeck College 

The Birmingham Central Library project link is:

  • Ms. Chris Hay (Librarian; Arts, Languages and Literature)

Reproduction and initial OCR work was carried out by Digital Capture Solutions, at the Birmingham City University (

  • Ms. Bev Dodd (Digital Library Manager)
  • Mr. Lee Jones (Principal Digital Library Assistant)
  • Mr. Phil Sidaway (Digital Library Assistant)

Web technician:

  • Mr. Adam Cox

The support team at the AHDS/Oxford Text Archive were:

  • Mr. Alan Morrison (Collections Manager)
  • Dr. James Cummings (Research Officer)