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Title: Time Tries All!
Author: Courtney, John
Performed in: Royal Olympic Theatre,
First Performance: 1848-09-04
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Cast - 8

Fanny Fact , Laura Leeson , John , Tom Tact , Charles Clinton , Hon. Augustus Collander Yawn , Matthew Bates , Mr. Leeson ,

Places - 11

Brighton , England , England. , Hampton , Hampton Court , Lyons , Lyons. , Melton , Paris , Paris. , Royal Olympic Theatre, ,

Names - 2

Cupid , Hymen ,

Quotes - 9

" when you may." , "To my cousin Laura, kindly remember me. I trust my absence has improved her temper and her spirits. You surprise me by the intelligence that she has not yet found a partner to her choice. I had hoped to greet her as a wife on my return, having myself fulfilled her last desire to me, to look upon her only as a sister." , "I thank you, Laura, for sparing me the torture of open rejection ; yet, the suffering is still the same—the wound as fatal. I madly—wildly worshipped you;—'tis over—my sentence by your lips pronounced. Your wish shall be obeyed; and, until I can regard you as a sister, you shall never feel pain by your cousin —and now wretched—Mathew Bates." , "your Mathew shall marry my Laura, and be indeed my son!" , "I will—I will, Harry," , "And if the children like each other," , "be a father to my little Mathew!" , "John," , Where is Mathew ?—what have you done with Mathew Bates?" ,

Titles - 2

An Original Drama in Two Acts , Time Tries All! ,

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