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Title: Box and Cox
Author: Morton, John Maddison
Performed in: Royal Lyceum Theatre,
First Performance: 1847-11-01
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Cast - 3

Mrs. Bouncer , James Cox , John Box ,

Places - 13

Margate. , " Margate." , "Margate." , Barnet Races , Boulogne , England , Gravesend , Greenwich , Margate? , Ramsgate! , Ramsgate. , Royal Lyceum Theatre, , the Derby ,

Names - 1

Bosjesmans, ,

Quotes - 20

" With Mr. Knox." , " I hasten to apprize you of my immediate union"— , " But being convinced that our feelings, like our ages, do not reciprocate"— , " Dear Mr. Cox—Pardon my candour"— , "And be with you at ten o'clock exact." , " Will start by early train to-morrow " , " Carried into , " Returned here this morning " , " Picked up a steamboat"— , "Sudden squall—boat upset—Mrs. Wiggins, your intended "— , "Happy to inform you— false alarm." , "As her man of business, I immediately proceeded to examine her papers, amongst which I soon discovered her will ; the following extract from which, will, I have no doubt, be satisfactory to you. " I hereby bequeath my entire property, to my intended husband." , " Poor Mrs. Wiggins went out for a short excursion in a sailing boat—a sudden and violent squall soon after took place, which, it is supposed, upset her, as she was found, two days afterwards, keel upwards." , "This is thy work, oh, Penelope Ann! " , " Margate—May the 4th. Sir,—I hasten to convey to you the intelligence of a melancholy accident, which has bereft you of your intended wife." , " , " Police! " , " , " Cox, I shan't want you to-day—you can have a holiday." , Grumble, verb neuter—to complain without a cause." ,

Titles - 2

A Romance of Real Life in One Act , Box and Cox ,

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