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Title: Where There's A Will There's A Way.
Author: Morton, John Maddison
Performed in: New Strand Theatre,
First Performance: 1849-09-06
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Cast - 8

Don Scipio de Pompolino , Don Manuel , Don Lopez Avila , Secretary of State , Officer , Servant , Dona Francesca , Dona Blanche de Tavora ,

Places - 8

Brazils , Colonies , France. , Lisbon , New Strand Theatre, , Portugal , Saxony , Spain ,

Names - 1

St. Jago ,

Quotes - 4

" I have quitted the Palace rather than tamely witness the new indignity which is about to be offered to me. Don Lopez Avila not only refuses to leave Lisbon, but insists on resigning his commission into your hands alone. I might have chastised his presumption, but I prefer avoiding public scandal, by giving you timely notice of his intentions." , "Where there's a will there's a way ! , "going through fire and water " , " A voting and noble cavalier—the bearer of these—deign to receive him with favour" ,

Titles - 3

Where There's A Will There's A Way. , A Comic Drama in One Act , Where There's A Will There's A Way ,

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