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Title: An Organic Affection
Author: Phillips, Mrs. Alfred
Performed in: Royal Olympic Theatre,
First Performance: 1852-01-15
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Cast - 9

Doctor Cureheart , Mr. Doublequill Bun , Mr. Bookem Longwind , Mr. Fleecemraw , Mr. Soppy , Mr. Fawn , Tom , Mademoiselle Joliejambe , Penelope Ashton ,

Places - 10

Bath , Greenland , Iceland , Lon , Paris , Rome , Royal Olympic Theatre, , Savingsinstitution , Switzerland , Switzerland. ,

Names - 5

Fortune , Friday. , Railway King, , Robinson Crusoe, , Venus ,

Quotes - 8

" Our limits will scarcely allow individual criticism, still we cannot conclude without honourably mentioning Mademoiselle Joliejambe—her broken English, always piquant and graceful, was most happily rendered, while her costume, elegantly light, displayed to great advantage the perfections of her figure. Her legs ap- peared"― , " At the fall of the curtain, the author was vociferously called for." , " The little drama announced as the production of Mr. Bookem Longwind, is replete with wit and situation,"― , " Dear Doctor,—I'm going to marry Penny Ashton. You, I know, will be satisfied with this arrangement, for you have frequently told me she would make an excellent wife; so I take her on your recom- mendation. I wish you to give the bride away, therefore come to me immediately." , "Aneurism," , " Disease of the heart." , " Aneurism, a disease of the heart!" , "The malady poor Bun is afflicted with—excess or excite- ment of any kind may produce instant death ! " ,

Titles - 3

An Organic Affection , A Farce in One Act , An Organic Affection ,

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