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Title: The Loan of a Lover
Author: Planche, J.R.
Performed in: Royal Olympic Theatre,
First Performance: 1834-09-29
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Cast - 6

Captain Amersfort , Peter Spyk , Swyzel , Delve , Gertrude , Ernestine Rosendaal ,

Places - 4

Amsterdam , Royal Olympic Theatre, , Utrecht , Utrecht. ,

Names - 1

Jove ,

Quotes - 11

" Why don't you take a wife ? You've got money enough to keep one, and you are your own master : you've only to please yourself." , " Peter, will you marry me?" , " No !" , " Let Peter have the farm !" , " My dear!" , " I have loved you above all earthly beings!" , Why don't you get married, farmer Spyk?" , "Why do you live alone in that old house, like an owl in an ivybush ? , " I dared not disclose my passion; but, believe me, my affection was equal to my silence." , " I have at length summoned courage to address you, and if the offer of my hand and fortune" , " if you can find me a husband I should like better !" ,

Titles - 8

Dutch Air. , " A Temple to Friendship." , "Air , A Vaudeville , Dutch Air. , Finale. (Trio from " The Challenge") , French Air , The Loan of a Lover ,

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