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Title: The Creole; or, Love's Fetters
Author: Brooks, Shirley
Performed in: THE LYCEUM
First Performance: 1847-04-08
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Cast - 16

Officer in Attendance on the Governor , A Naval Officer , Bokes , Antony Latour , Officers , Inhabitants , Ladies , Bellona St. Mars , Louise Fauriel , Mdlle. Virginie Damiron , Servant to M. de Nyon , General Malartic , Alphonse de Nyon , Damiron , Hyacinthe St. Emilion , Servant to M. Damiron ,

Places - 17

Bank of France , France , France! , France. , Isle of Bourbon , Isle of Bourbon. , Isle of France , Isle of France. , Lyceum Theatre , Mauritius , Paris , Paris! , Place de Carousel. , Portsmouth , Red Sea. , THE LYCEUM , Theatre Royal, Lycuem ,

Names - 10

Abel , ALXANDER LEE. , Bayard , Cain , Douglas Jerrold's , Dumouriez. , Mrs. KEELEY'S , Providence , Robespierre , SHIRLEY BROOKS. ,

Quotes - 7

"Never did a piece of the kind play more completely on the first night. The three acts went, not only swiftly, but with all their variety of involution, smoothly as a ballet."* , The Creole part of the population made themselves remarkable by the intrepidity they displayed on board the fleets of , "By a decree of the , "Antony Latour, will you possess Louise Fauriel as a slave, or enfranchise her, and possess ten thousand francs," , " Oh ! my blessed babby," , " you'll be christened at Portsmouth and educated on beer." , "The next won't miss," ,

Titles - 6

The Creole; or, Love's Fetters , "England's Colonial Empire," , "The Creole" , "Theplay , An Original Drama in Three Acts , The Creole; or, Love's Fetters ,

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