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Title: A Nice Firm.
Author: Taylor, Tom
Performed in: Royal Lyceum Theatre,
First Performance: 1853-11-16
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Cast - 10

Mr. Mumps , Mr. Duncuft Meazle , Mr. Richard Ripton , Mr. John Ripton , Mr. Messiter , Mr. Moon , Mr. Ryder , Tottie , Miss Susannah Applejohn , Mary Moon ,

Places - 14

Bayswater , Blackfriars , Bow Street , Bow Street. , India , Insolvent Court , Isle of Sheppy , Kensall Green , Newgate , Old Bailey , Queen's Bench , Queensborough , Royal Lyceum Theatre, , Temple ,

Names - 2

Bramah , Mr. B. ,

Quotes - 10

" I deliver this as my act and deed." , " I deliver this as my act and deed." , " I deliver this as my act and deed." , " As the property has been some time in chancery, it might be as well to consult the last report of the master, to see how much of it is left," , "Slow and sure" , " Dear Sir—I shall be with you at half-past ten. That mortgage must be concluded to-day. All right in the other matter I talked to you about—I have referred her to you. Yours truly, Duncuft Meazle." , " That mortgage must be concluded to-day." , whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary." , " changing one's coat." , "the law's delays." ,

Titles - 11

" Soyer's Modern Housewife," , "French without a Master." , A Nice Firm. , An Original Comic Drama in One Act , Old Bailey Reports. , The Law Journal , The Old Bailey Reports , The Times , The Times. , Times , Times. ,

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