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Title: The Prima Donna
Author: Boucicault, Dion
Performed in: Soho Theatre
First Performance: 1852-09-18
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Cast - 6

Stella , Margaret , Rouble , Eric , Servant , Maid ,

Places - 14

Como , Geneva. , Gymnase Theatre , London , Milan , Milan, , Milan. , Paris , Royal Princess's Theatre, , Scala , Soho Theatre , Switzerland , Switzerland. , Venice ,

Names - 6

Esculapius , Galen , Juggernaut , Morpheus , Morpheus. , Vishnou! ,

Quotes - 17

"such a connection is not what I hoped for my only son, but too thankful to have escaped the alliance with an actress that lately threatened our family—I suppose I ought to accept the exchange with satisfaction; therefore, I am happy to announce to you that his highness graciously commands you to resume your former offices, and I add my paternal benediction." , "My son, his highness can refuse Mr. Rouble nothing at the present juncture, you have employed a well chosen advocate, we cannot raise the new loan without his assistance, and that help he makes dependent on my consent to your marriage with the daughter of Dr. Holbein," , "Fear nothing, I am the Abbe Ambrose." , "'Tis I who perform the ceremony." , "Ah!" , "I see, to be present at the marriage this evening," , " Last night, at the , " Margaret,—If I have deceived you, forgive me; I would I could love you "---- , "My own dearest Margaret, , " I re- " spect your repose, although you have ruined mine." , " I would have seen you for a moment—perhaps for the last time; " for Heaven knows if I should survive an appointment which I " have accepted for this morning—see how you have transformed " the most pacific of human bankers." , " Sir, I have seen you enter the house of Dr. Holbein twice " within the hour; you are young and handsome—I demand satis- " faction; for which purpose I beg you will await me, where you are, " for a few minutes.—Your obedient servant, Rouble & Co-" , "ERIC." , "minister to a mind diseased." , "Since the hour— when fortune enabled me to save a life,—which has since proved so—precious to me—I have loved you " , " If I have not till now pleaded my passion, it was that your manner so discouraged me—I dared not risk the confession—" , " I dared not risk the confession, but unable to endure my misery, I determined to discover your retreat, and. to learn my ,

Titles - 5

" THE PRIMA DONNA." , " THE PRIMA DONNA." , A Comedy in Two Acts , Norma , The Prima Donna ,

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