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Title: Les Freres Corses: or, The Corsican Brothers
Author: Grange, MM.E and De Montepin, X.
Performed at:
First Performance: 1850-08-10
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1. Sullacaro

Spoken by: SAV. On Page: 7
Type: name
Extract: " Oh! according to all probability. He left ..."

2. Sullacaro

Spoken by: GRIF. On Page: 6
Type: name
Extract: " A french traveller, just arrived at ..."

3. Sullacaro

Spoken by: N/A On Page: 5
Type: name
Extract: "N/A..."

4. Sullacaro

Spoken by: FAB. On Page: 11
Type: name
Extract: " Oh ! not at all, Sir—that which I am about to relate..."

5. Sullacaro

Spoken by: ALF. On Page: 9
Type: name
Extract: " I request your pardon, Sir, for not having remitted yo..."