Electronic Catalogue - Volume 4

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
22 April 1851 [Anon. (Tom Taylor)] Sir Roger de Coverley; or, the Widow and her Wooers A New and Original Drama in 3 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
7 May 1851 [Anon. (preface signed "C.R.")***)] The Ladies' Battle! or, Un Duel en Amour! Based on a Comedy by Scribe and Legouve. A Comedy in 3 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
14 May 1851 Brough, William Apartments, "Visitors to the Exhibition may be Accommodated", & c. & c. A Piece of Extravagance to "Suit the Times", in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
19 May 1851 Stirling, Edward A Cheap Excursion An Original Farce in 1 Act Punch's Playhouse, New Strand Theatre
12 April 1841 Wilks, Thomas Egerton* Woman's Love; or, Kate Wynsley, the Cottage Girl An Entirely Original Drama, in 2 Acts Royal Victoria Theatre
9 June 1851 Claridge, C.J. and Robert Soutar The Fast Coach An original farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
30 June 1851 Selby, Charles The Fire-Eater! A farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
7 June 1848 Brooks, Shirley Anything for a Change A Petite Comedy in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
1 July 1851 Morton, John Maddison Grimshaw, Bagshaw, and Bradshaw A Farce in 1 Act Royal Haymarket Theatre
[n.d.] [Anon.] Toothache; or, the Prince and the Chimney-Sweeper A Farce in 1 Act [n.p.]
7 July 1851 [Anon. (Francis Talfourd and others?)**] Godiva; or, Ye Ladye of Coventrie and Ye Exyle fayrie A Burlesque historic fancy in 1 Act Strand Theatre
11 August 1851 [Anon.]*** Angelo A Tragedy in 4 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
3 January 1831 Murray, William Mary Queen of Scots; or, the Escape from Lochleven An historical drama in 2 Acts Olympic Theatre
11 August 1851 Stirling, Edward Left in a Cab An original farce in 1 Act Royal Surrey Theatre
[n.d.] Jones, J.S. The Carpenter of Rouen; or, the Massacre of St. Bartholomew A Romantic Drama in 4 Acts [n.p.]

* Wilks is described as the "Author of 156 successful dramas!".

** "Godiva" is listed as being by the authors (plural) of "The Princesses in the Tower". This is attributed to Talfourd (and possibly others) by Nicoll.

*** The author of "The Ladies' Battle" is given also as the author of "Angelo", both in this volume.

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