Electronic Catalogue - Volume 7

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
[n.d.] [Anon.] Left the Stage; or, Grassot tormented by Ravel A Personal Experiment in 1 Act. Translated from M. Siraudin, and Adapted to the English Stage Theatre Royal Haymarket
[n.d.] Lynch, Thomas J. The Rose of Ettrick Vale; or, The Bridal of the Borders A Drama in 2 Acts Queenstreet Theatre, Glasgow
11 June 1849 Morton, John Maddison A Most Unwarrantable Intrusion A Comic Interlude in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
13 Feb. 1843 Stirling Coyne, J. Binks the Bagman A Farce in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
[n.d.] Wilks, Thomas Egerton The Miller of Whetstone; or, The Cross-Bow Letter An Original Comic Burletta in 1 Act New Strand Theatre
12 Feb. 1852 Bridgeman, I.V. "Matrimonial - A Gentleman," & c. "For Further Particulars, Apply at --- " An Entirely Original Farce in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
19 Sept. 1851 [30 June 1851] [Anon.] Book the Third, Chapter the First A Comedy in 1 Act. Translated and Adapted from the French of MM. Eugène Prèrron et Adolphe Laferrière [First performed as "The Novel Experiment"] Odéon [Haymarket Theatre]
2 August 1852 Morton, Thomas Sink or Swim! A Comedy in 2 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
9 August 1852 Morton, Thomas and John Maddison Morton The Writing on the Wall! A Melo-Drama in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
23 April 1849 Morton, John Maddison John Dobbs A Farce in 1 Act New Strand Theatre
[pub. 14 Jan. 1847] Halm, Frederick The Son of the Wilderness A Play in 5 Acts. Translated into Verse by William Henry Charlton [n.p.]
[pub. 1844] Smith, W.H. and a Gentleman The Drunkard A Moral Domestic Drama of American Life in 4 Acts [Boston Museum]
1838 Murray, W.H. Diamond Cut Diamond An Interlude in 1 Act. Altered from "How to Die for Love" Adelphi Theatre, Edinburgh
[n.d.] Johnstone, J.B. Gale Breezely; or, The Tale of a Tar A Drama in 2 Acts Royal Surrey Theatre
1 Sept. 1852 Phillips, Mrs. Alfred The Master Passion A Comedy in 2 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre

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