Electronic Catalogue - Volume 12

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
8 Oct. 1844 À Beckett, G.A. Don Caesar de Bazan A Drama in 3 Acts. Translated and Adapted from the French of MM. Dumanis and Dennery Princess's Theatre
1853 [Anon.]* Chesterfield Thinskin A Farce in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
5 Sept. 1853 Kingdom, John M. The Fountain of Beauty; or, The King, the Princess, and the Geni A fairy extravaganza in 2 Acts Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
13 Oct. 1853 Selby, Charles Hotel Charges; or, How to Cook a Biffin! An original farcical sketch in 1 Act Theatre Royal Adelphi
17 Oct. 1853 Planché, J.R. The Camp at the Olympic A new and original Introductory Extravaganza and Dramatic Review Royal Olympic Theatre
[n.d.] [Anon.] A Curious Case A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Princess's Theatre
1762 [1764, 1853] O'Hara, Kate Midas A Comic Opera in 2 Acts Crow St. Theatre, Dublin [Covent Garden; Haymarket Theatre]
18 Dec. 1852 Mathews, Charles Little Toddlekins A Comic Drama in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
18 April 1853 Wilkins, John. H. The Egyptian A Play in 5 Acts City of London Theatre
13 Nov. 1853 Morton, John Maddison Whitebait at Greenwich A Farce in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
18 Nov. 1853 Morton, Thomas A Pretty Piece of Business A Comedy in 1 Act Royal Haymarket Theatre
23 Nov. 1853 Hardwicke, Pelham A Bachelor of Arts A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
1 Feb. 1853 [Anon.] Uncle Tom's Cabin A Drama of Real Life in 3 Acts. Adapted from Mrs. Beecher Stowe's celebrated novel Theatre Royal Manchester
2 May 1853 Fitzball, Edward The Miller of Derwent Water A Drama in 3 Acts Royal Olympic Theatre
7 Nov. 1853 Stirling, Edward A Pet of the Public A Farce in 1 Act Strand Theatre


* The author is given as that of 'A.S.S.' and 'A Fast Train', see Volume 10.

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