Electronic Catalogue - Volume 15

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
17 April 1854 Planché, J.R. Mr. Buckstone's Voyage Round the Globe (in Leicester Square) A New and Original Cosmographical, Visionary Extravaganza, and Dramatic Review in 1 Act and Four Quarters Theatre Royal Haymarket
17 April 1854 Brough, Robert B. The Overland Journey to Constantinople, as undertaken by Lord Bateman, with interesting particulars of the Fair Sophia An Extravaganza in 2 Acts Theatre Royal Adelphi
19 August 1850 Robertson, William Faust and Marguerite A Romantic Drama in 3 Acts. Translated from the French of Michael Carré, expressly for this Edition of Plays Théatre de Gymnase-Dramatique
22 May 1854 Selby, Charles, Comedian The Marble Heart; or, The Sculptor's Dream A Romance of Real Life in 5 Chapters Royal Adelphi Theatre
20 May 1854 Planché, J.R. The Knights of the Round Table A Drama in 5 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
25 Jan. 1852 Jerrold, Douglas The Rent Day A Domestic Drama in 2 Acts [n.p.]
5 June 1854 Morton, John Maddison From Village to Court A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Princess's Theatre
15 June 1854 Lawrence, Slingsby [G.H. Lewes] Sunshine through the Clouds A Drama in 1 Act. Adapted from "La Joie fait Peur" by Madame de Girardin Royal Lyceum Theatre
26 June 1854 Morton, John Maddison Waiting for an Omnibus in the Lowther Arcade on a rainy day A Farce in 1 Act Royal Adelphi Theatre
16 Mar 1850 [10 Nov. 1851; 26 June 1854; 10 July 1854; 17 July 1854] [Anon. (Charles Reade)] The Courier of Lyons; or, The Attack upon the Mail A Drama in 4 Acts. Translated from the French of Messieurs Moreau, Giraudin, and Delacour Theatre de la Gaitê, Paris [Standard Theatre; Princess's Theatre; Victoria; Adelphi
29 June 1854 Simpson, John Palgrave Heads or Tails? A Comedietta in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
13 Sept. 1825 Poole, John Paul Pry A Comedy in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
24 July 1854 Coyne, Joseph Stirling The Old Chateau; or, A Night of Peril A Drama in 3 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
30 Jan. 1854 Courtney, John Eustache Baudin An Original Drama in 3 Acts Royal Surrey Theatre
30 June 1854 Lille, Hubert As Like as Two Peas A Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal Haymarket


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