Electronic Catalogue - Volume 18

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
24 May 1849 Dance, Charles A Wonderful Woman A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
10 Dec. 1843 [18 Dec. 1854] Robertson, William My Wife's Diary A Farce in 1 Act. Translated and Adapted from "Les Memoires de deaux jeaunes mariées" by MM. Dennery and Clairville Theatre de Palais Royale [Royal Olympic Theatre as "A Wife's Journal"]
3 [5?] Oct. 1833 Bunn, Alfred My Neighbour's Wife A Farce in 1 Act. Adapted from the French Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
10 March 1855 Coyne, Joseph Stirling The Secret Agent A Comedy (Partly from the German) in 1 Act Theatre Royal Haymarket
12 March 1855 Morton, John Maddison A Game of Romps A Farce in 1 Act Royal Princess's Theatre
3 March 1855 Buckingham, L.S. Take that Girl Away! A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
13 April 1830 Lacy, Rophino Cinderella, or the Fairy-Queen and the Glass Slipper A Comic Opera in 3 Acts. Written, and the Music Adapted and Arranged, by Rophino Lacy Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
14 April 1834 Fitzball, Edward Esmeralda; or, The Deformed of Notre Dame A Drama in 3 Acts. Founded on Victor Hugo's novel of "Notre Dame" Royal Surrey Theatre
9 April 1855 Morton, John Maddison The Muleteer of Toledo; or, King, Queen, and Knave A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Princess's Theatre
29 Jan. 1855 Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet A Tragedy in 5 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
7 March 1855 [16 Dec. 1854] De Girardin, Madame Émile The Clockmaker's Hat A Farce in 1 Act. Adapted from "Le Chapeau d'un Horologer" As "Betty Martin", Royal Adelphi Theatre [Théàtre du Gymnase]
2 Nov. 1854 Prest, Thomas Peckett The Miser of Shoreditch An Original Romantic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Standard Theatre
27 Nov. 1849 Dance, Charles Delicate Ground; or, Paris in 1793 A Comic Drama in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
12 March 1816 Terry, Daniel Guy Mannering; or, The Gipsy's Prophecy! A Musical Play in 3 Acts. Adapted from Sir Walter Scott Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
24 Feb. 1841 Planché, J.R. The Captain of the Watch A Farce in 1 Act Theatre Royal, Covent Garden


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