Electronic Catalogue - Volume 20

Date, first perf. Playwright Title Subtitle Place, first perf.
1853 Daly, John Married Daughters and Young Husbands An Original Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
13 April 1846 Planché, J.R. "The Birds" of Aristophanes A Dramatic Experiment in 1 Act. Being an Humble Attempt to Adapt the said "Birds" to this climate, by Giving Them New Names, New Feathers, New Songs, and New Tales Theatre Royal Haymarket
8 Aprill 1844 Planché, J.R. The Drama at Home; or, An Evening with Puff An Original, Occasional, & Local Extravaganza in 2 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
24 March 1845 Planché, J.R. The Golden Fleece; or, Jason in Colchis and Medea in Corinth A Classical Extravaganza in 2 Parts Theatre Royal Haymarket
26 Dec. 1844 Planché, J.R. Graciosa and Percinet An Original Fairy Extravaganza in 1 Act and Founded on the Popular Nursery Tale by the Countess D'Anois Theatre Royal Haymarket
22 March 1849 Planché, J.R. Hold Your Tongue A Comic Drama in 1 Act Royal Lyceum Theatre
[n.d.] Mathews, Charles Two in the Morning A Comic Scene Theatre Royal Covent Garden; Royal Lyceum Theatre
1 March 1831 [pub. 1846] Planché, J.R. My Great Aunt; or, Relations and Friends A Comedy in 1 Act Royal Olympic Theatre
16 Oct. 1850 Planché, J.R. My Heart's Idol; or, A Desperate Remedy A Comedy in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
22 Feb. 1844 Planché, J.R. Grist to the Mill A Comic Drama in 2 Acts. This little Comedy is Founded upon a One Act Vaudeville, entitled "La Marquise de Carabas" Theatre Royal Haymarket
28 Feb. 1846 Planché, J.R. The Irish Post A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Theatre Royal Haymarket
18 Oct. 1846 Planché, J.R. The Pride of the Market A Comic Drama in 2 Acts Royal Lyceum Theatre
10 Oct. 1846 Planché, J.R. Queen Mary's Bower A Comedy in 3 Acts. The Plot of this Piece is Founded on that of M. St. George's Opera, "Les Mousquetaires de la Reine" Theatre Royal Haymarket
23 Sept. 1845 Planché, J.R. A Cabinet Question A Comic Drama in 1 Act Theatre Royal Haymarket
[1852] Townshend, Thompson The Lost Ship; or, the Man of War's-Man, and the Privateer A Nautical Drama in 3 Acts Royal Surrey Theatre

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